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Barman , MK and Kailash Chand , K and Mitra, D (2022) Zipper interacting protein kinase (ZIPK) is a negative regulator of HIV-1 replication that is restricted by viral Nef protein through proteasomal degradation. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 625. pp. 122-127.

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Human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV-1) infection leads to the development of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). To establish a productive infection, HIV-1 hijacks the cellular machinery and modulates various physiological processes to propagate itself. The pathways altered by HIV-1 include cell cycle, autophagy, apoptosis, cell stress pathways, immune response, antiviral response, etc. Zipper interacting protein kinase (ZIPK) is a member of the death-associated protein kinase (DAPK) family of proteins, known to be one of the key regulators of cell death and cell survival pathways. ZIPK is also involved in regulating many cellular processes that are altered during HIV-1 infection; thus, we have explored the functional role of ZIPK in HIV-1 infection. Our results show that ZIPK protein expression is downregulated during HIV-1 infection in Nef dependent manner. Overexpression of ZIPK leads to downregulation in LTR-driven gene expression and virus production, whereas ZIPK knockdown induces viral gene expression and replication. HIV-1 promoter activity is reportedly enhanced by Nef-mediated activation of some transcription factors like NFκB and STAT3. ZIPK is reported to inhibit the STAT3 activity by phosphorylating it at ser-727. Our results show that STAT3 (ser-727) phosphorylation is decreased upon overexpression of Nef with simultaneous downregulation of ZIPK expression. We finally show that HIV-1 Nef interacts with ZIPK and induces its proteasomal degradation. Overall, our data suggests that Nef is involved in downregulation of ZIPK thereby increasing the virus production through rescue of STAT3 activity.

Item Type: Article
Subjects: Cell Biology
Depositing User: Mr. Rameshwar Nema
Date Deposited: 20 Oct 2022 07:25
Last Modified: 20 Oct 2022 07:25
URI: http://nccs.sciencecentral.in/id/eprint/1193

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